Welcome to Musicure

Musicure offeres various music therapy services to complement every aspects of life. Sessions are available in English since the music therapist is board-certified in the United States. Musicure offers music therapy sessions to children with various diagnoses, such as autism, developmental delay, and physical disabilities. Please click on Music Therapy for more information. Sessions are also available for clients who are in hospitals or hospices in order mainly to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety. Please contact for details.

Musicure also offers the Bonny Method Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) for adolescents and adults. GIM is a music induced psychotherapy that allows you to access your psyche for clarity, personal insights, and integration of body, mind, and spirit. GIM is a new way to start your healing process. If you are interested, please click on GIM for details.


Musicure offers free trauma care (GIM sessions) for the survivors of the higashinihon-earthquake and tsunami. If you are interested, please read the GIM page and contact at nyoshihara(at)musicure-mt.com (Please change (at) to @ to send an e-mail). Also there will be discount for the caregivers of the survivors. If a company or organization is interested in offering trauma-care, please also contact to the e-mail address above.